Everyone Can Spare 10 Minutes

  • Are the kids keeping you up at night?
  • Are your energy levels below normal?
  • Are you always hungry because your body is tired and needs energy to keep it going?
  • Are you feeling all of the above?

Goodness knows I have said YES to all of the above often and at times I can’t see any end in sight. 2 full blown teenage kids, running several businesses, caring for a sick parent, blogs to write, people to see and the list keeps going. Sometimes crawling into a hole and watching the world go by seems to be a great option, or as my best friend said to me this morning “I accidently took a wrong turn on my way to work this morning and have ended up in the ticket line to Figi at the airport!” Needless to say I was wishing I was in a ticket line, just not to Figi, I am thinking Colarado seems nice this time of year.  Then the beep of the car horn from behind me slaps me back into reality and think “how am I going to make it through THE REST OF MY LIFE, I mean day!”

So, fortunately, I have years of experience in the health and well being industry to know a few tricks of the trade to help you maintain a decent level of energy during these stressful times we live (and all are LEGAL).  Here are a few things I do everyday to help me stay focused and energised and they only take 10 minutes each and can be done a few times a day. Start with just one at the beginning of the day and see if it helps you kick start your engines like it does mine.

10 Minute Energiser#1: 3 x 10 Chair Step Ups Each Leg

Using a stable chair step up on your right leg 10 times in a row and then swap legs and lead with 10 time on your left. Stop and rest for 10 seconds and then repeat 2 more times. Finish with a little leg shake and light stretch and then away you go. If you can squeeze in an few extras then go for it. The more you can do the better you will feel!

10 Minute Energiser #2: Wall Squat

Using any flat wall you can find, put your feet out so that your upper back is flat against the wall down to the bottom of your spine. Your knees should be at a right angel, so adjust your feet in or out until they are. Stay in the squat position for 60 seconds and then stand up and rest for 20 seconds. Repeat this 8 – 10 times. Finish again with a leg shakeand a light stretch and get back into your day. People may think you are crazy, but you will feel better so who cares what they think anyway.

10 Minute Energiser #3: Stretch and Breathe

Now, if you can find a place to do this during the day, it works a treat when you hit that 2-3pm mark and are ready to fall asleep at your desk, table, stove! Lying flat on your backstretch your arms out above your head and legs out straight. Close your eyes and as you take a deep breath in, bring your knees into your chest and grab your knees and pull them into your chest, hold for 5 seconds and as you release breath out and lower your legs back down to flat and your arms stretched above your head.  Repeat this at least 10 times or more if can you. To finish roll onto your tummy and raise up slowly to your feet and simply give your arms and legs a little shake.

These are a few simple tricks that help me balance my energy levels when I am under pressure and feel flat, so I hope they can benefit you too. Give it a try I DARE YOU!

lifestyleNic Monteforte