Turn Your Thinking On Its Head

From as young as I can remember, my body image was important to me. Being only 5 foot 1 in stature and coming from Italian heritage, I only had to look at food and I would gain extra kilos. Being so into my health and fitness I really had to be careful. I chose a degree in Physical Education and Human Movement to then begin my career in the Health and Fitness industry.

As a young 25 year old, having a high flying career in the fast growing fitness industry was incredible in so many ways and so very damaging too. Being surrounded all day by everything to do with fitness and body image certainly was an interesting challenge for me but also a very rewarding one.

During my time as a Personal Trainer, a small part of my long career, I supporting hundreds of clients to achieve their fitness goals. I watched thousands of kilos being lost and many a marathon being successfully run.

As time progressed and my career moved into senior management so too did my maturity and along came my son. During my pregnancy I gained a huge 20 kilos which was like 40 on a person of my height. So naturally, with all my years’ experience in the industry I thought I knew exactly what I needed to do to lose the baby weight.

I kicked back into my routine (although sleep deprived and working longer hours didn’t help) and started exercising again with the pure intention of getting back to my pre-baby body. 6 months passed and nothing had changed. I tried every possible exercise genre and regime you could think of. I went high intensity, I went long and slow intensity, I did cardio only, I did heavy weights, I swam, I ran, I boxed and I nearly killed myself trying to lose the extra weight and feel good about myself again.

Years passed and although I always exercised in some form every day, I began to think that this was it. This was my new body and that I needed to accept it. I needed to accept the extra bulges everywhere and the fact that I didn’t feel great about how I looked. Some people may think it's superficial to want more, however for me, it was not about the kilos, but about how I felt on the inside and out.

Years passed and although I never really accepted the new weight that I carried, my life was so full on and busy as a single parent and successful business person that I just focused on maintaining my exercise routine and staying healthy. 10 years had soon passed and sickness became a new part of my life. I was in and out of hospital for severe endometriosis having to have 5 major surgeries in just 2 years, finally ending in a hysterectomy. My body was going hormonally crazy and the weight was again something that added to my pain.

Finally after seeking some advice, I decided the only way to change how I felt in both my health and weight was to really making some big changes to everything that I did. I needed to change how my body was processing fuel and kick start my metabolism. So with fierce determination I changed almost everything about my routine. I replaced breakfast with a Nubody Shake. I would fast overnight for a minimum of 14 hours, meaning I would have dinner by 7pm and then not have my breaky shake until around 9am the next day. My exercise changed to short high intensity body weight workouts never for longer than 15 minutes and I would take a long walk on both weekend days. I made sure my meals were high in good proteins and good fats and would find myself moving to minimal grains and very little sugar.

After 4 weeks I had already lost 4kgs and was down a pant size. Although it was really tough for the first 4 weeks as my energy levels were really low as my body was adjusting to finding new ways to get energy, once I passed that hard part I was on a roll and things changed dramatically. I am now 2 years down the track and have not missed a day of my Nubody Breaky Shake. I have lost 10kgs and am fitter, leaner and healthier than I have ever been and I am 46 years old.

The reality is that as we get older our bodies do really change and all the exercise in the world is not going to be enough to help you lose extra kilos and feel great again. It took me a long time to change what was my adult life belief, but I did and it worked and still is working.

Sometimes we need to feel bad to get ourselves to a point where we do something drastic enough to really take action in a new direction and that is what I did. If I can do it so can anyone who has felt the same. 

Nic Monteforte