2 Effective Ways to Say No

Exercising that 'no' reflex is incredibly important. It allows you to stay true to your values and ultimately live a life that's up to you! We know how hard it is to say 'no' sometimes, so we've got two great ways to do so (without burning a bridge)


A feedback sandwich is essentially where you put the 'no' in between two niceties. For example, don't want to go to that BBQ? You could reply a little something like this:

"Hi Emily, you are the best for putting on this BBQ! I know how much work that takes. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it because I'm overcommitted with work this week, but I hope you have a wonderful time! Let me know when you're next available, I'd love to see you soon x"


Really want to pass on an 'opportunity?' It shows incredible initiative to explore alternative solutions that won't suck your time away or put you in an undesirable position. For example:

"Hi Emily, I'm honoured that you thought of me for this project, it sounds amazing! I need to say no to participating this time around because my time is scarce while I'm pulling the new social campaign together. I would love to support you in another way though, I've attached a template I used for a similar project last year - hope this helps!"


Value your time! It's precious.