5 Things to Avoid When Work Gets Tough

When work gets tough, it's easy to slip into habits that do not benefit us in the slightest. Here are 5 things to avoid when you're stressed-out at work, and some alternatives!



If you're avoiding tough conversations or letting frustration bubble up inside you - you're creating stress for yourself, rather than addressing it. 
Alternatives: write a letter communicating what you're feeling. It's therapeutic and can help you gain clarity // practice having the conversation alone in your car, or with a close friend - let it out! // if you're frustrated, beat the bed with a tennis racquet until you're out of breath. This activity re-wires your brain to refocus! 

2. Eating 10,000,000 calories

As much as this short-term-fix fills you with the fleeting happiness you're seeking, it's definitely not helping you in the long-run. Avoid 3.30-itis and instead of depriving yourself completely, look at replacements.
Alternatives: make a healthy smoothie - the sweetness will take care of your cravings, and you can use no-nasties protein powders to help you get your stress levels down [Nubody is great]. Nuts, avocado and eggs also have hormone-busting benefits if you're looking for a savoury snack.

3. Binge-watching netflix

If you're a total procrastinator when it comes to addressing challenges in your life, turning to Netflix won't stimulate your brain enough to get you out of the rut. 
Alternatives: relaxation is important, but let's look at activating your muscles! Fork out for a massage // Sit in your car and scream until you cannot scream no more! Sounds crazy, but it works a treat // make a cuppa & write a list of 10 things you're grateful for

4. Being around toxic people

Everyone has that pessimistic friend, condescending colleague or skeptical family member. You are the sum of the 5 people you spend most time with - so surround yourself with people who build you up!
Alternatives: do a people audit - who is adding great value to your life in the form of support, teaching, inspiring or helping you

5. Over-Caffeinating

Caffeine - the love/hate relationship. While it's often part of the sacred morning ritual, be very careful not to overdo it. High caffeine levels promote stress and anxiety. 
Alternatives: chamomile or peppermint tea, komboucha, hot water with fresh lemon & ginger // push your body (don't worry, you don't HAVE to go to the gym) try doing squats or tricep dips for as long as you can (we recommend pumping Spotify here)