My Story: Nic Monteforte

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What a career journey I have had.

  I was first ever female director appointed to the world’s largest health club chain, yes that was me.  Climbing the career ladder 3 steps at a time.  5 foot 1 in stature, surrounded by dominant TALL men.  How was I ever going to be heard?  How would my experience allow my opinions to be valued? How was I ever going to be really respected?

These thoughts would cloud my mind in anticipation of attending my first board meet in a position of power. Needless to say my innate skill of leading teams and people to success shone through and I let my success be seen by my results.  And success it was, my journey led me around the world and back again, presenting internationally and being the best I could be in my chosen field. I was strong, fit, healthy and unstoppable!  I liked who I was in every aspect.

It worked so well that I decided I could create a business for myself.  Leave the corporate world and start a dream of my own. 

The journey was incredible, busy but empowering because it was mine.  No experience or lessons in the corporate world could have warned me about the possible paths that running your own business could take and needless to say the path I thought I was on turned left, and I had turned right. Throw in there a very painful separation, an extra 10kgs from the birth of my son (some 12 years prior), multiple major surgeries from stress related illness and BINGO.  Single, heavier and feeling really bad about myself at the ripe age of 45. I was now the owner of a new home and no business. The owner of 10 extra kilos, huge debt, private school fees and no income to pay for it all, WHAT A CATCH I WAS.  Getting out of bed had become the hardest part of my day. I was sick of being sick and feeling uncomfortable in my body all the time, that wasn’t me. I exercised religiously, tried every diet, but nothing, my body no longer responded like it used to.  This played nicely into the low self-esteem I had from a failed relationship and failed business venture. How on earth was I ever going to get over all this?  What was I going to do? I couldn’t stand how I felt inside my own head and my own body.  In all my years of preaching and living the benefits of health and fitness and here I was.

Had I have asked my younger corporate high flying self if I thought this is where my career and life would take me I can assure you she would have answered “NO”.

I woke one day and decided enough was enough.  This isn’t who I was and it wasn’t who I was going to remain being.  I taught thousands of teams the power of what your think in becoming successful, thousands of people the importance of health and it was time I starting listening to my own advice.  I knew that everything I was doing wasn’t working for me anymore, I was no longer 25 and I needed to find a new way. I sought advice from mentors and experts in women’s health and on January 26th 2016, I met with the person that supported me in finding a new way and I made a huge change to my life and routine.  

After 3 months, I was a few kilos lighter already.  I was a jean size smaller and bursting with energy.  It’s a sad truth but a truth no less that how we feel about our bodies significantly impacts how we feel generally.  We can try and hide behind the truth by saying things like “that’s superficial and what really matters is blah blah blah”  I have spent my life working in and around the health and fitness industry and have sold thousands of gym memberships, trained 100’s of women and men and I can tell you with conviction that when asked the question, “what would you like to achieve with your health and fitness goals”  The number 1 answer is now and was then “TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT”  “DROP A FEW EXTRA KILOS SO I CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF AGAIN” and all of a sudden that was me.  I had lost a few kilos and started to feel good about me again.

Being the impossibly tenacious person that I am, I was able to find my feet in business and my business partner and I had a few projects on the go.  The home was filled with laughter again and I was beginning to feel comfortable in my own body.  The funny thing is that being comfortable in my own body had become something different to what it used to be.  I wasn’t looking for body beautiful I was looking to feel good about myself from the inside out.

Every day I tried to do something that played to my strengths.  This along with my breakfast shake, hitting the bed with my tennis racquet until my arm hurt and a good walk every so often, found me able to release the old energy and get a new lease on life. After 6 months, I was the lightest and healthiest I had been in 13 years. I needed a whole new wardrobe of clothes and I could finally say I liked how I looked again.  A realisation that my dream had become something new and my future was in a different direction.  I had no idea where my next project would come from, but it didn’t matter anymore.  Black marker and some butchers paper in hand, the mind mapping began.  What did I want to do, what mattered to me most and with whom I wanted to work with, were among the few questions I asked myself?  Then, in one of those random light bulb moments and I realised that I in fact had created a business opportunity without even realising.  How many other women felt like I did about their body?  How many other women struggled with carrying a few extra kilos and feeling lethargic and uninspired?  How many other women were single parents and had little if any time for themselves?  That was it, I needed to create a business built around what I did to change how I felt about myself, because if I could do it anyone could and so the NUBODY Program was born.

My life has done a complete backflip.  I run a million dollar business, my bills are getting paid, my kids are well cared for, I am the fittest and healthiest ever.  It was the toughest 2 years of my life.  Looking back, corporate life was a walk in the park compared to this, however, I am now on a mission to help others like me start to FEEL good about themselves again, whether its losing a few kilos or simply having enough energy to run a family, it doesn’t matter.  NUBODY can do it all and bring you back to you PEAK HEALTH no matter what age you are.  

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