Facts About The Brain You Might Not Know...

There is still so much left to learn about the human brain. It is still as untapped as our exploration of the universe.  Everyday scientists are learning something new and fascinating about the humble mass that sits behind our skull. Here are a few little findings that I find amazing and hopefully you will too!

The brain releases so much dopamine (feel good chemical) during an orgasm that brain scans during an orgasm resemble someone on heroin.
No wonder once you start you keep wanting more! This also makes sense why break ups are so painful as it like coming off a drug addiction.

Physical exercise is just as important for the brain as it is for the body because of the chemicals it releases.
We have all heard of the ‘runner's high’ which is a state of mental calm and peace. This happens after the body has moved and released a bunch of feel good chemicals leaving your brain feeling clear, alert and calm.

The brain cannot feel pain.
Hard to believe that the brain sends pain signals to the body yet doesn’t feel any pain itself.

The brain is made up of 72% water.
Basically you are carrying a water bomb inside your skull, no wonder it feels heavy at times!

Being 2% dehydrated affects attention and memory.
Makes more sense why we keep getting told to drink more water.

We have over 50,000 thoughts a day of which 70% are usually negative.
Is it any wonder that we have so many stress related health issues in our society right now?!

100,000 chemical reactions occur in the brain every second.
It's incredible to even try and process this fact, we really need to stop underestimating its power.

20% of our cardiac output is directed to the brain every minute.
Considering the size of the brain compared to the rest of the body, it requires a huge amount of energy to keep healthy.

Amazing, I know!