Ways To Deal With A Job You Hate

Nicole Monteforte

AHHH Monday morning alarm goes off and you are quickly reminded that you have to go in and face the music of another 5 days doing something you DON’T want to do.  If truth be told, most people have faced this dilemma at some point of time in their work life, so you are not alone.

I remember the feeling well, when I was faced with being in a job that was the complete opposite of what I knew I should be doing, however at that point in time, had no real idea what to do about it.  I had bills to pay and a credit card debt to pay off, so I had to grin and bear it.  It was almost so painful that I couldn’t bear it at times.  Stuck in an office, often on my own, doing tasks that I hated so much, I could almost cry.  What a way to live for 8 hours of every day.

Feeling sad and sorry for myself, I remember having a good old nag to my bestie (not the first I can assure you) and after about 10 minutes, he put up his hand and told me to SHUT UP and stop complaining and do something about it.  WOW, don’t you love besties like that, but it worked and I did do something about it and fast.  Knowing full well that it wasn’t going to change overnight I put a few strategies in place to deal with it and move forward.

Tip 1: Write a pros and cons list about the job you are in.

There must have been something about the job that made you take it in the first place.  So I found a good solid pros and cons list made it easier for me to see why I was there in the first place.  Obviously in these instances the cons list will be longer, however this is a great tool to use when you start to look for your next job, as you will know what questions to ask in the interview that you may not have asked this time round.

Tip 2: Do what you hate first

There are usually things about any job that you enjoy more than others.  They are the things you need to do last NOT FIRST.  Of course we gravitate away from the tasks that we hate and procrastinate in between, however if you can tough it out, do all the tasks you hate doing FIRST.  Means that you finish your day doing things you enjoy, which makes it feel much more manageable.  

Tip 3: Time to engage your brain with a good book

Start reading again.  What motivates you, excites you or inspires you?  Do some research and find a book that fits those categories and find 30 minutes a day to read.  Over lunch, grab a pen and note pad and make notes on the things in the book that resonate with you.  This will engage your reward centres of your brain which will make you feel good and inspire you to feel that way more often.  It may also start to ignite your passion and get you thinking about what you really want to do.

Tip 4: Get your Resume in ship shape

This is usually the last thing we think about until we urgently need one.  Look into what constitutes a good Resume and start to model yours in that way.  Make is snappy and to the point and completely up to date.  You never know when you are doing to need it.  Then when something comes along that looks interesting a few tweaks is all you will need before you send it off.

Tip 5: Research and take action

We spend far too long at work to hate what you do for long periods of time, it soul destroying, however unless we know what we don’t want to do how do we know what we really want to do.  Think about what your friends do, other colleagues you have encountered, other industries, skills you might want to have and then research research research. Start putting feelers out there, look at what opportunities are in the areas or industries you are really interested in and slowly start to narrow down what you are looking for, then take action and start reaching out.  

For things to change first I must change….so start now and be happy!