Healthy & Busy Are Both Possible

Having been a single mother of 2 children for over 10 years, whilst having successfully run a multi-million dollar company and now building several businesses from scratch, I know what busy really means and I know how hard it is to stay on top of your health and food. These blogs are written from total experience of actually living it every day and understanding what actually IS possible to achieve in this busy world, with little time and little money, definitely something we can all appreciate at the moment.

Now, whilst lack of time and lack of money are real issues that we all face in today’s fast moving world, I also know that it is possible (having found out the hard way) to stay healthy, eat well and get some relaxation into your life if not everyday then every second or third day at least.

We have been indoctrinated by masses of information to exercise EVERYDAY, eat low fat, eat less, drink less, all things that sound great on paper but for people that are living hectic lives, it is simply not a reality to be able to manage all those things as well as keep all the plates spinning. We try and try and try to make it happen and we become YO YO dieters & YO YO exercisers, meeting no goals or outcomes and eventually feeling like we are failing, which doesn’t help a working parent at all, who already lives with the guilt of not being there enough for the children and therefore failing as a “good” parent!

So, after traumatising myself for many years by trying to be perfect at everything all the time and subsequently failing, I finally realised that the most important thing for me to be a great parent, friend, boss etc was to make sure that I stopped listening to the “perfect world” advice and do enough to ensure that I maintained a good level of health and well being without feeling like I had to compromise on everything else that my life needed from me. This meant that I had to accept some major changes in my thinking and behaviour, so to kick start you off here are my top 5 changes, for you to ponder over.

  • Start your day with a nutrient dense breakfast shake and give your body a kick start in under 5 minutes
  • You dont need to exercise for an hour everyday to feel good 5 minutes in the lounge room can do the trick
  • Give yourself 5 hours between meals and give your body time to digest properly before feeding it again
  • Somedays you will not eat perfectly but as long as those days are less than the others thats ok
  • Taking 15-30 minutes of time every other day for yourself is OK and everyone else can wait!
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