Your Health & The C Word

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just wished that you didn’t ever have to worry about what you ate, how you looked or how you felt?

If you can answer yes to this question then you will know that looking after your health is like looking after your marriage/relationship; it requires one simple thing… THE ‘C’ WORD: COMMITMENT.

Everything that is good and long term in life requires THE ‘C’ WORD, including your health. So here are a few simple reminders to help you appreciate how The ‘C' Word works.

Just like a good relationship you need to keep the communication lines open. 
When you wake up and have that first thought of… "I cant be bothered this morning" the committed you needs to step in and have a bit of a chat with the not committed you. Saying things to yourself like, “you know how much better you will feel”, “maybe just try a quick 10 minutes this morning”, "you know how good you are looking at the moment”. I find that one of any of those comments to myself will generally get me up and moving, most of the time!

Not every day is paradise in any long term commitment. 
Don’t be fooled into thinking that you should want to stay focused on your health everyday because that’s unrealistic. You will fight and argue with yourself, just like you do with your other half when they get on your nerves. It's always important to remember that we can't like everything about everything in life, so resisting against it is normal, as long as you resolve it in the end and find a happy medium, then there will be more UPs than DOWNs.

Commitment is hard work, but the rewards are worth it. 
Having had a run of sleepless nights for a magnitude of reasons, the last thing I have wanted to do is exercise and eat well. However after much arguing with myself for what felt like hours, I put on my workout gear and did a 7 minute workout in my lounge, followed by my Nubody brekky shake. It was actually during the workout that I started writing this post in my head. By the end of it, I had got my heart rate going, managed to clear my mind and had put some serious nutrients in my body and all in only 10 minutes, so I was ready for the working day ahead. The commitment I needed to get out the front door was SO HARD, but by the end I had forgotten that part and had a smile on my face (until I fell asleep at my desk at work around 3pm!)

So now, if you have lived through a longer term relationship of any kind, you should be able to relate it to a long term commitment to your health.  You will have good days and bad days, but if you care about yourself and the quality of your life, then you will dig deep and find The ‘C’ Word to do something about it even when you DON'T WANT TO. Do you want a long term relationship with your HEALTH?

health, lifestyleNic Monteforte